Scholarship to Study Abroad for Nigerian Students

Scholarship to Study Abroad for Nigerian Students 2023

Government Scholarship Program: Scholarship to Study Abroad for Nigerian Students 

Opportunities in this category includes

FSB offers opportunity to Nigerian scholars for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies both within and outside Nigeria.

These programs include the Bilateral Education Agreement (BEA) education, Commonwealth education, and the Nigerian Award scholarship.


Private Scholarships

The Private educational opportunities are funded by private individualities, associations, or companies.

Programs in this category are awards grounded on colorful criteria, including academic merit, fiscal need, leadership chops, community service, and other exceptional rates.

Private scholarship can be awarded to undergraduate or postgraduate scholars, and they may cover education freights, accommodation, handbooks, and other charges.

More so, there are colorful private scholarships available to Nigerian scholars, including the MTN Foundation scholarship, the NNPC/ Chevron scholarship, and the Shell scholarship program.

They are largely competitive and bear aspirants to meet strict eligibility criteria, including academic excellence and fiscal need.


Institutional Scholarships

These programs are handed by universities or sodalities to their scholars. Institutional scholarships are frequently merit- grounded and are awarded to scholars who have demonstrated outstanding academic or adulterous achievements.


In Nigeria, numerous universities and sodalities offer institutional programs to their scholars. The eligibility criteria, operation process, and award quantum vary from institution to institution.

Just as you may know, some institutions offer full scholarships, while others offer partial opportunities. And some may bear scholars to maintain a certain GPA or share in adulterous conditioning.


International Scholarships

Foreign opportunities are fiscal awards designed to support scholars from each over the world who want to study in a foreign country.

These programs can cover education freights, accommodation, trip charges, and other living costs. They’re offered by governments, universities, private associations, and foundations. International

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