Government of Russia scholarship for African students 2023




Are you interested in studying in Russia? Or
Are you looking for a scholarship to carry out your university studies?

We have good news for you !!!

Every year the government of Russia offers scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies for African students in all fields of study.

Through this scholarship, you have the opportunity to study in the best Russian universities according to the program of your choice.



Conditions of Admission for Russia Scholarship

  • For those applying for a Bachelor (BAC + 4) in Russia, you must have at least a BAC + 2, that is to say, a BTS, a License 2, or a license (BAC +3). You cannot apply with a Baccalaureate.
  • For Masters candidates, you must hold a BAC + 4 (Master 1 or Maitrise) at least
  • And doctoral candidates must have at least a BAC + 6



Notes: Applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree (BAC + 3) and wish to do a master’s degree in Russia are not eligible. You must necessarily have a BAC + 4 to be eligible for a Master in Russia.

IMPORTANT: Since 2016, candidates who have obtained the BAC with the mention “PASSABLE” are not eligible for the Russia scholarship.

Their applications are taken into account for the License program on the condition of presenting a BTS diploma.

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Medical Requirement for Russia Scholarship

Applicants for the Russia scholarship must be in good health.

NB: If a serious illness is detected in the candidate, he/she is automatically sent back to his / her country of origin at his / her own expense.



Financial Requirement for Russia Scholarship

Although the Russian government guarantees to all students admitted to its scholarship program, the payment of a monthly allowance for the duration of their studies as well as the cost of their accommodation in the various university housing estates.

like Russian students, successful candidates must still pay the sum of:

  • $250 for passport registration and hospitality costs
  • $250 for health insurance (annually)
    Provide a sum of money for their daily expenses
  • The scholarship does not cover the cost of travel (plane ticket) to Russia

NB: We would like to clarify that the Russian scholarship is not a full scholarship. It supports part of your studies.

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The Benefits of the Russia Scholarship

The Russia Scholarship covers the following costs:

  • Scholarship fees
  • Accommodation costs
    During your studies, you have the same rights as students of Russian nationality.



Age limit for Russia Scholarship

The age limit for applying for the Russia scholarship is 35 years,  except for candidates applying for the Doctorate whose age is over 35 years.



Documents to Provide for this Scholarship

Here are the document you are to make available before applying for this scholarship.

  • Application form, including the code and title of the specialty chosen by the candidate, with a color photo;
  • A copy (clearly legible) of the first page of the passport with personal data (the validity of the passport must go beyond 18 months upon entry into Russia);
  • A copy of the medical certificate attesting that the candidate is in good health and can easily follow courses in Russia;
  • HIV genuine certificate copy;
    A copy of your last diploma as well as the transcripts (legalized);
  • A presentation (1–2 pages) of the thesis project (in Russian) and a list of scientific publications produced by the candidate, if any ( for doctoral candidates ).



NB: The Embassy only examines copies of candidates’ diplomas.

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The documents accompanying your application for the Russia scholarship program must be translated into Russian and certified by the consular service of the Russian Embassy in your home country.

The costs of translation + legalization per file amount to 28,000 FCFA.

This award concerns Ivorian candidates.

Applicants from other French-speaking African countries are invited to visit the Russian embassy in their country of origin for specific information on the application process for the scholarship.

Before the translation and certification of your documents at the Russian embassy in your country of origin, be sure to authenticate all copies of your diplomas (BAC, BTS, License, Master) and transcripts) with of:

  1. The town hall, other local communities;
  2. Ministry of State, Ministry of Interior and Security;
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



NB: Verification of the copies by the Town Hall IS NOT SUFFICIENT.

This procedure only concerns copies of BAC, BTS, LICENSE, and Master diplomas as well as transcripts.

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After having verified your application file with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home country, please submit them to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your home country which is responsible for making the preliminary selection of candidates. .

The list of candidates selected by the Embassy is forwarded in Russia to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, which makes the final selection of candidates.



This is a reliable type of scholarship you should not miss.

It’s time to take a step.

Apply Now for the Russian scholarship and stand a chance to get access to free education.

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