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Free scholarship for African students – Point Details 2023



We bring to you Free Scholarship for African Students. Every year international embassies and governments offer free scholarships to international students.

These scholarships are for Bachelor / Bachelor programs; Master and Doctorate / Ph.D.
The majority of the countries offering the scholarships are from Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Among these countries we have;

  • Japan
  • China
  • Ireland
  • Swiss
  • South Korea
  • Turkey
  • Brazil
  • England
  • Spain
  • Russia
  • Sweden

Reminder: We will be adding link to the scholarship for Africa student soon.

We also have scholarships that are offered by African countries. These scholarships are also for Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate programs.

These countries are generally those of the Maghreb.

• Morocco
• Algeria

Note:  The scholarships offered by the Maghreb countries are not full but partial scholarships, ie they only cover part of your university studies (tuition fees).

Types of Scholarship: Scholarship for African Students

Two (2) types of scholarships are offered by embassies and international organizations. These are full scholarships and partial scholarships.

Full Scholarships

These are scholarships that cover all of your studies at your host university. That is to say, it covers tuition, accommodation, living expenses, and you are entitled to an allowance at the end of the month which serves as pocket money. Some of these full scholarships support round-trip airfare.

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Partial Scholarships

These are scholarships that cover part of your studies, that is to say, tuition fees only. All other costs are at your own expense.

Application Conditions: Scholarship for African Students

The application conditions are generally the same.

  • Hold a BAC for those applying for the License / Bachelor; have a Bachelor’s degree for candidates for the Master and hold a Master’s degree for candidates applying for the Doctorate.
  • Have good moral and physical health
  • Not hold the nationality of the country offering the scholarship
  • Have a good level of English
  • Not already benefit from another scholarship

NB: There are some scholarships like the Turkey scholarship which do not require a good knowledge of the English language since the courses are given in the Turkish language.

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