Foreign Opportunities for Pakistani Students 2023




Have you been aiming at foreign opportunities for Pakistani students to study abroad? Then, worry no more as there’s a wide range of international scholarships available to study in some of the world’s most popular study destinations with comfortable atmosphere. We are talking about places like US, UK and Canada.

In that case we advise you search no further and look below for series of trending foreign Opportunities for Pakistani students to study abroad. Be sure to check here, if none of these scholarships below suit your search

Let’s look at the below scholarships for Pakistani students;

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Multiple-country scholarships – Foreign Opportunities for Pakistan Students

  • Thinking about the Asia Foundation Development Fellows program: This foreign educational opportunity is a learning program for Asian students to assist them in improving their leadership skills and international exposure by studying in Asia and the US.
  • The Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan– It should be noted that most of the Government scholarships are at graduate level, to study abroad in a range of top developed countries in the world which includes the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, France and more others.



Categories of Scholarships to Study in the UK – Foreign Opportunities

Below are foreign opportunities in the UK that covers the Pakistani students

  • Anne Marie Schimmel Scholarship: An educational opportunity specifically for Pakistani women to study a master’s in any subject in the UK, with the commitment Educational to return to Pakistan to make a genuine contribution in their chosen field.
  • Scotland Saltire Scholarships: Foreign opportunity for Pakistani students to study at any university in Scotland at all study levels in various universities. The scholarships are targeted at the priority sectors of creative industries, life sciences, technology, financial services and renewable and clean energy.
  • CELFS Academic Achievement Scholarship at the University of Bristol– A scholarship for Pakistani students studying at the International Foundation Program at the Centre for English Languages and Foundation Studies (CELFS) who progress to an undergraduate program at the University of Bristol.
  • Brunel University London: This goes to all international students, and should be seen as an opportunity.  The Brunel University London offers country-specific scholarships for Pakistani students at all study levels.
  • Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships: A UK charity offering scholarships to study in the UK to Pakistani doctoral students, graduate researchers or visiting fellows.



Varieties of Scholarships to study in the US and Canada – Foreign Opportunities

You are to note that this category is made up of educational opportunities to study in the US and Canada.

Let’s check below;



Foreign Opportunities to study in Australia

Want to study in Australia? These below Foreign Opportunities are for you;



Abroad Scholarship for Pakistani Students to Study in Germany

  • DAAD Scholarship Database: Series of scholarships for Pakistani students to study in Germany, offered by the DAAD and other sources.



Foreign Opportunity for Pakistani Students to Study in Asia



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