Brock University Tuition Fees in 2023: How to Make Payment




The old adage says, “Calculate the cost before you start building.” In the context of this discussion, this means that you need to know how much Brock University graduate tuition costs before you can begin your application process. Of course, if you really want to study at Brock University.

In short, Brock University Tuition Fees have always been at a level that students don’t have to pay through their noses.



Over the years, Brock University has proven to be one of the best universities in Canada. As a student, Brock’s primary goal is to support your success through excellence and leadership in teaching and learning.

Therefore, the table below gives you insight into everything we have completed in this post for you, covering Brock University tuition fees and How to make payments.

Why Study at Brock University?

Studying at University is indeed one of the best things that can happen to you as a student eager to pursue an academic career.

Being an integrated university with more than 19,000 students, the University is home to a rich world-class academic and research program.



Basically, Brock University offers more than 70 undergraduate degrees and nearly 50 undergraduate degrees to seven academic colleges.

Degree programs include Applied Health Sciences, Education, Humanities, Mathematics and Science, Social Sciences, Graduate Studies, and the Goodman College of Business.

Suppose you wish to study at Brock University. In that case, other significant programs you can undertake include children’s and youth studies, biology and vineyards, digital humanities, teacher training, collaborative accounting, and sports management.

First, studying at Brock university allows you to find a fulfilling life.



In addition, taking a bachelor’s degree at a university opens up full opportunities for you in terms of employability, as the graduate employment rate is 95 percent.

In addition, Brock students participate in high-quality experiential learning opportunities. And when it comes to acceptance rate, it is one of the top 26 Canadian universities with the highest acceptance rate.



In short, Brook will also host one of Canada’s 2022 Summer Olympics and a $90 million modern sports and entertainment research site that will become an unprecedented national hub for educational and learning opportunities.

What are Brock University Tuition Fees like?

Brock University, like other universities, generally charges a fee for the services provided to students. This includes areas such as student societies, sports, and health.

These additional costs vary widely per University and per student and can run from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. So, again, check with the University for details.



It is also important to note that Brock University tuition fees are approved by the Brock University Board of Trustees. This is by the tuition policies set by the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities. 

Moreso, Brock University courses are valued at different rates. These rates are between a year of study or level, degree and program, and Domestic and international students (visa).

How much are Brock University undergraduate tuition and fees?

As an undergraduate student studying at Brock University, your tuition fees must be paid at other costs.

In general, all Brock University undergraduate students with a credit load of 4.0 or more credits in the fall/winter season will pay a flat fee. 



In addition, the grading system will calculate the cost per term based on the fixed fee rate and the credit weight per term. And as an undergraduate student, the tuition fee will be calculated based on the rates stated above.

As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, tuition fees range from $5,917 to $6,089.

On the other hand, if you register as an international student, the tuition fee is $26,558.

How much does Brock University postgraduate tuition cost?

Brock university graduate tuition fees vary by program and level. As a Brock University student, your tuition and prices can be assessed through your financial account. However, it may be limited to the following basic categories.



Generally, Brock University Graduates Tuition fees range from $5,850 – to $8,176 for citizens and permanent students,

On the other hand, if you are applying as an international student, the Brock University graduate Tuition Fee is $23,504.

How much is Brock University Accounting tuition?

Accounting is one of the best courses offered at Brock University’s business school, known as the Goodman School of Business.

Basically, Accounting at the Goodman School of Business has a national reputation for excellence. The program is designed with the rigorous academic coursework and professional orientation required by the CPA designation.

The business school offers programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Accounting at Goodman prepares you to complete the work experience necessary to earn the CPA designation, including a public accounting license.



Also, it gives you a platform to work in multiple locations across Ontario and gain 16-20 months of work experience before graduating.

In general, if you are enrolling as an international student, your Brock University Accounting Tuition fee is $5,288.56. Tuition per credit.

The fixed tuition fees (4.0+ credits or effort) excluding additional costs are $26,442.80.

How much does Brock University computer science tuition cost?

The Brock Program in Computer Science is a research-based MSc consisting of one year of coursework.



At Brock University, the computer science department offers programs for both national and international students.

Correctly, these programs result in a 4-year award, a master’s degree. And also honoring Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.



In addition, they offer a specialization in applied computing to students who wish to improve their computer skills without considering computer science as their major.

Also, it is designed for students who have an interest in a career in the Information Technology (IT) industry. Here, students can specialize in object orientation, computer graphics, intelligent systems, computer networks, etc. 

Generally, the Brock University Computer Science Tuition fee is $26,422 (CAD)

What is Brock University’s Kinesiology course like?

Suppose you are considering a career in kinesiology or physical education. In that case, Brock University has educational opportunities that can help you develop the skills and competencies you need to achieve your goals.

The University has high expectations for student performance, focusing on the challenges of intellectual/creative work and academic endeavors.



Brock University offers a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, which usually takes 4 to 5  years to complete (Kinesiology (B.Kin.) and Kinesiology (B.Sc.).

In addition, you must offer Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Physics 12, and Principles of Mathematics 12 or Pre-Calculus 12 before you can succeed in the program Kinesiology.



Interestingly, this course enables students to create, integrate and apply knowledge of the biological sciences, social sciences, and humanities in the interdisciplinary study of human movement throughout life.

Student Kinesiology (B.Kin.) and (B.Sc.)

Inhabitant $6,766

International $25,293

How to Pay Brock University Tuition Fees

Whether you are applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate program or as a citizen or international student, making payments for Brock University tuition and other fees can be done in five (5) ways.

Hence, this means you have four payment options. These payment options include

  • Internet, telephone, or ATM banking with central banks and most Ontario credit unions
  • Imperial Bank of Canada (CIBC) International Student Payment Service
  • Then Western Union GlobalPay for International Students or
  • Directly at the Bank of Canada
  • Make payments via Bank to bank transfer.

Telephone or internet banking – Brock University Tuition Fees

To pay via online banking through a Canadian bank or most Ontario Credit Unions:

  1. Contact your financial institution to set up your bank account for phone or web banking.
  2. Follow your Bank’s instructions to add Brock to your payee list.
  3. Using your 7-digit Brock student number as the account number to pay your bill, make a payment. If your Bank requires a nine-digit number, simply add two zeros to the beginning of your student number.

Pay at the Bank directly

To pay yourself at a bank or credit union:

  1. Print a copy of your student Fee Statement.
  2. Take it to your Bank or Credit Union, and pay as you would any bill. Make sure the teller uses the 7 digit student number as the account number to pay. If the Bank requires a 9-digit account number, ask them to add 2 zeros to the beginning of the student number.

So to avoid mistakes that could cost you your entry ticket or make a double payment, you need to follow the latter’s instructions.

How to Pay Using Western Union Business Solutions

At Brock University, Western Union Business Solutions is the recognized way to make payments.

This method provides international students with an alternative way of paying student bills.

Therefore, you can make payments in any currency of your choice through this payment option.

It can also provide you with a reliable and straightforward way to make payments electronically.



Apart from making payments in any currency, several other benefits or advantages come with using this payment option.

They include

Make payments via bank to bank transfer – Brock University Tuition Fees

Now, if you want to make a payment via bank to a bank transfer, follow the process below

Step 1: Go to GlobalPay Platform for Students

Step 2: Payment Process

  • Enter student details (name, ID number).
  • Enter the number of Canadian Dollars to be paid.
  • Select the payment currency.
  • Transaction finalization

Step 3: Bank Transfer

  • Use the payment confirmation form to make a payment with your bank.
  • The local bank will transfer the funds to Western Union Business Solutions, and they will send the funds to us.

Step 4: Payment Complete

Brock University will post the Canadian Dollar equivalent of your student account.



In conclusion, you can compare payment options and rates and choose the best one that meets your needs.

Imperial Bank of Canada International Student Payment Service 

Click the video below to watch how you can make payments with the Canadian Imperial Bank International Student Payment Service.

Conclusion for Brock University Tuition Fees

Having full knowledge of the costs of the school you wish to apply to before applying is very important.

Basically, it gives you an idea of what to expect when it comes to costs and helps you plan ahead of time to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Now, here’s why I think you should carefully read this article on Brock University and how you can make payments.

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