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Australia Scholarship for Africans and Executives 2023



This Australia Scholarship is at your door step, it will interest you to know that Australia has set itself the goal of reducing poverty and achieving sustainable development in Africa.

To this end, it offers free scholarships to African international executives and students through its “Australia Awards” program.


Types of Australia Scholarships

There are two (2) types of scholarship offered by the Australian government:

1. Professional development scholarships (short-term programs)
2. Masters study grants (long-term program)
The short-term scholarship is for all eligible countries and is for up to three (3) months of training (maximum)

Here’s for cons, the stock market long-term studies (Master Award) concerns only the English-speaking countries and some Francophone countries.

The Australian Government Long Terms Scholarship is for up to two (2) years of training.

These scholarships are offered by the Australian government to African students and executives to enable them to acquire new skills and knowledge which will serve the development of the continent.

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