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The Algeria Scholarship is here for you if you are a French speaking African who have strong zeal to have a sound education?

Well if so, then you should check out this scholarship program that can make your dreams come true.

Without wasting much time, let get into the topic body:


Scholarship Program Description 

The Republic of Algeria has been offering scholarships for some years to some French-speaking African countries for undergraduate studies  in Algerian public universities.

These scholarships cover all of your studies except for the plane ticket which remains the responsibility of the scholarship holder.



Application Criteria for Algeria Scholarship

Before applying for the Republic of Algeria Scholarship, make sure;

  • To hold a baccalaureate obtained during the year in which applications for the scholarship are opened or a baccalaureate obtained during the previous year.

For Example: If you apply for the scholarship in 2019, your Bac must be obtained in 2019 or 2018

  • To be in good physical and moral health
  • Not to be over 25 years old
  • To be from countries eligible for the scholarship program offered by the Republic of Algeria.
  • Have at least the average of 12/20 in the BAC, ie the mention good enough.

I personally encourage people with a Baccalaureate with a pass to apply for the scholarship. Often you have to “DARE” in life. If you are really interested in the scholarship and you had a pass in the BAC, do not hesitate to apply.

Application Documents needed for Algeria Scholarship

To apply for the Algeria scholarship program, you must provide:

  1. The duly completed application form. The application form is available at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Côte d’Ivoire for those applying from Côte d’Ivoire. For those who are from other French-speaking African countries, please go to the Embassy of the Republic of Algeria for more information.
  2. Your transcripts, duly legalized and authenticated by the services of the Ministry of National Education and Technical Education.
  3. A copy of your Baccalaureate diploma duly legalized and authenticated by the services of the Ministry of National Education and Technical Education of your country of origin.
  4. The copy of the birth certificate extract dating from less than three (03) months
  5. Your nationality certificate
  6. Your medical examination certificate attesting to the ability to follow the course
  7. Your medical file containing the usual medical certificates, an HIV-AIDS test, hepatitis tests and a tuberculosis test. The medical file must be issued only by doctors approved by public health centres
  8. A copy of your international vaccination certificate;
  9. Four (04) recent passport photos
  10. The completed scholarship application form



NB: Ivorian candidates are invited to present all these documents above to the scholarships and internships department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs located on the plateau.

For candidates from other French-speaking African countries, I invite you to go to the Algerian Embassy in your country of origin or to the Ministry of Higher Education in your country of origin for more information.

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Algeria Scholarship Benefits 

The Republic of Algeria Scholarship takes into consideration;

  • Your tuition fees
  • Your accommodation and transportation
  • A monthly allowance for the duration of your studies.

The plane ticket is not taken into account by the program. It is the responsibility of the student.

 Application Date for Algeria Scholarship

Applications for the scholarship of the Republic of Algeria generally opens in the month of June or July to allow the candidate for the Bac of the current year to be able to submit their applications.
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