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4 Steps to make your Study Project a Success in 2023



The study project is a very important step for Africans who wish to study abroad for Masters and Doctorate levels or through some institutions that offer scholarships for study abroad.

The content of the study project must show the motivations and aspirations of the student who wishes to study a specialty about his basic training.
It represents an elimination phase for some internationally renowned universities. Your study project should be the most personalized document of your application.

By asking you to write a study project, the selection committee of the university or scholarship to which you are applying offers you the opportunity to prove yourself in a short document in the form of a letter in which you are supposed to give relevant and interesting information about yourself, proving that you are the right profile.

Writing such a project can sometimes prove difficult for some candidates who often wonder /

  • What should the letter look like,
  • What it should contain as information and
  • How to convince the university or country offering the scholarship that they have the skills to be selected.

This article will focus on a few key points to consider in writing your study project, drawn from the experience of some study friends in Europe and Canada, which are effective for them in helping you to succeed yours.

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Guidelines and Procedures for Study Project

The steps to follow and questions to ask yourself to design an excellent study project are:

1. Research the university: Study Project

Before starting to write your study project, it is best and judicious to find out as much as possible about the university in which you wish to study.

Usually, universities each have a website that provides clear information about the requirements of the program of study you wish to follow in terms of skills and knowledge.

Find out about these requirements and you will find that it will help you get an idea of what your study project should contain as information.

To have a perfect study project, you will also need to have good writing skills. Have your project proofread by a third party in whom you recognize writing and analytical skills.

I advise you to submit your work to one of your teachers or supervisors who will be able to better appreciate the content of your project.

2. Highlight the main ideas and points: Study Project

Start by writing down a few main ideas that you find in your research, important points that you would like to cover in your study project.

Then build your work around these ideas by enriching them.
Consider when developing your project to:
Make your goal clear, provide a brief overview of the rest of the project;

  • Ask yourself the question: Why do you think the university and the study program are interesting and relevant to your needs?
  • Focus on some of your strongest qualifications, your past experiences (professional experiences are still relevant), talk about your assignments and the projects you have managed and your qualities;
    Organize the middle paragraphs in terms of the qualifications most relevant to the program;
  • Conclude by reiterating your interest in the program (in some cases you can request a personal interview).

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3. Your project must be personal and professional

Give your readers a good look at you.

Remember that this is a very personal document in which you have to prove that you are different from the rest of the applicants and that your qualities, skills, and qualifications make you suitable to participate in the study program or benefit from the scholarship you are applying for.

Although it is sometimes useful to have other examples, don’t copy other letters that you have seen and try to be original, it will help you a lot!
Also, avoid bragging too much.

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